Best Austin Area High Schools

The Austin area is know for having some of the best public schools in America. Determining which schools and school districts are the best can be subjective and based solely on your child’s current needs and plans for the future. Although experts will say the early years of your child’s education can really set your child up for success, the high school years are the ones that are responsible for producing college ready and even more important, life ready students.

Austin Has 7 of Top 500 High Schools in US

In Austin, we are lucky to have some of the best high schools in not only Texas, but in the United States. Newsweek recognized some of these highly regarded high schools in their Annual Best High Schools in America Report. Newsweek picked their top 500 High Schools in the United States. Austin and the surrounding areas had 7 High Schools on the list.

best high schools around austinBest Austin Area High Schools

  • #21- Liberal Arts and Science Academy – Austin ISD
  • #47- Westwood High School – Round Rock ISD
  • #72- Westlake High School – Eanes ISD
  • #144- Harmony Science Academy – Austin ISD
  • #361- Drippings Springs – Dripping Springs ISD
  • #474- Anderson – Austin ISD
  • #484- Lake Travis – Lake Travis ISD

Source: Newsweek’s Best High Schools in America Report

How Were the Schools Ranked?

Each one of these schools’ score and ranking was based on six components: Graduation Rate (25%), AP Tests taken per Graduate (25%), College Matriculation Rate (25%), Average SAT/ACT Scores (10%), Average AP/IB/AICE Scores (10%), AP Courses offered (5%).

Live in a Top High School District in Austin

Want your child to go to one of these top Austin area high schools? You can purchase a home in each of these school districts (except the Liberal Arts and Science Academy and the Harmony Science Academy which take applications) and get them a top quality education. The maps below show homes for sale in Austin neighborhoods that feed to these top schools.

Want to search in a bigger screen? Simply click the link to the school’s page above each map.

#47 Westwood High School Homes

#72 Westlake High School Homes

#361 Dripping Springs High School Homes

#474 Anderson High School Homes

#484 Lake Travis High School Homes

Texas Has 38 of Top 500 Schools in US

Out of 500 schools in the nation, 38 schools are located in Texas with 7 of these in the Austin Area. If you would like to see the numbers behind the rankings, check out the full Newsweek article here.

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