Austin #2 Best American Cities to Live in a Better Economy

austin named best city live in better economyAustin was named the #2 Best American Cities to Live in a Better Economy by Top 10 Spot. The study looked at cities that offered a high quality of life, availability of good, high-paying jobs, reasonable housing prices and a good environment to work and raise a family.

Austin is Home to Many High Tech Companies

Because of Austin’s favorable business climate, it has attracted several of the nations top high tech companies: Google, Apple, IBM, Oracle, eBay and Facebook to name a few. These high paying jobs are just one of the factors attracting many people to the area.

Austin Has Lots to Do

If you like spending time on the lake, being outdoors, live music, festivals and exploring new things, Austin is definitely the place to be. There is always something going on around town, so you’ll rarely be bored.

Austin Cost of Living is Low

Compared to other, comparably sized cities, the cost of living in Austin is pretty low. You can still find a house big enough for a family, in a nice neighborhood not too far away from the city with good schools in the $200,000s. Compared to California where we moved from, groceries, gas, insurance, taxes and healthcare are also much less. Salaries at high tech companies, though not as high as they are in the highest cost cities, still leave people with more discretionary income then they had in their previous cities.

Relocating to Austin?

Considering relocating to Austin? We moved from San Francisco to Austin about 5 years ago and can help you make the transition. We know Austin well and can help you find the right neighborhood. Fill out our Relocation Survey, call us at (512) 827-8323 or email us at to discuss your move.

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