Best Elementary Schools in 78704

South Austin’s 78704 zip code continues to be a desirable zip code to purchase real estate. More and more residents are moving in and have taken an interest in the local public schools. As such, we’ve seen steady improvement in these schools, especially the elementary schools, over the past few years and many are now among Austin’s best elementary schools.

Schools Should Be an Important Factor in Home Buying

Best elementary schools 78704If you’re looking to buy a home in 78704, schools should be one of the metrics you consider. Historically, homes in the best school districts have held their value much better than homes in an inferior school district. Even if you don’t have kids, a home in a good school district is one of the best ways you can protect your investment.

78704’s Best Elementary Schools

South Austin’s 78704 zip code has four elementary schools that have achieved TEA’s highest rating, Exemplary and one of those four schools has been designated a Blue Ribbon School.

78704’s Exemplary Elementary Schools

zilker best elementary school 78704Here are the four schools that have earned TEA’s highest ranking, Exemplary.

Zilker Elementary School

One of only 5 elementary schools in Austin ISD to receive the prestigious Blue Ribbon Award, Zilker Elementary is one of 78704’s best elementary schools. Located in the heart of South Austin’s Zilker neighborhood, Zilker Elementary serves kids in Zilker as well as in the South Lamar neighborhood.

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Barton Hills Elementary School

Barton Hills Elementary, serving 78704’s Barton Hills neighborhood, is another Exemplary elementary school in South Austin.

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Becker Elementary School

Becker best elementary school 78704Becker Elementary School located in the heart of 78704’s Bouldin neighborhood is one of South Austin’s elementary schools who have earned the Exemplary Rating.

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Dawson Elementary School

Students who attend Dawson Elementary School live in 78704’s Galindo or Dawson neighborhood, two of 78704’s most affordable neighborhoods. With the Exemplary rating, parents of children at Dawson Elementary get the most for their money.

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78704’s Recognized Elementary Schools

Galindo best elementary school 78704Two elementary schools in South Austin’s 78704 zip code have earned a Recognized status from TEA.

Galindo Elementary School

Galindo Elementary School feeds from 78704’s Dawson and Galindo neighborhoods. As two of the most affordable 78704 neighborhoods, parents of Galindo students get the best bang for their buck.

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Travis Heights Elementary School

travis heights best elementary school 78704Travis Heights Elementary is the main school for 78704’s most popular neighborhood, Travis Heights. Earning TEA’s Recognized status, Travis Heights residents will get a quality education.

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    Have you heard the news that AISD is considering closing Zilker & Barton Hills? We are hoping to hear soon…and hoping that they keep these great schools open! You can check out our blog on this on our Team Ensor site.

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    It’s not just Zilker and Barton Hills – sadly there is a list but they are defintly two on the chopping list. Barton Hills, Brooke, Joslin, Oak Springs, Ortega, Pease, Sanchez, and Zilker and Pearce Middle School

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