Duplexes Near University of Texas

The neighborhoods around the University of Texas has always been a popular haven for investors because of the consistent rent from students attending the University of Texas. Duplexes are the crown jewel for a lot of investors, with 2 rent checks to collect. Scroll Down to Read More About Duplexes Near UT.

Duplexes for Sale Near the University of Texas Austin

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Shortage of Duplexes for Sale Near University of Texas

Since a duplex has the potential of producing more cash flow for an investor, the availability to purchase one around the University of Texas campus can be few and far between. As of February 25, 2011 there is currently just 1 duplex on the market within a 1 mile radius of the University of Texas Campus and only 6 within a 2 mile radius.

One bright spot for investors is that the University of Texas does have an extensive bus line that services students from all over Austin. This gives the investor the opportunity to purchase from a greater pool of duplexes and potentially for less money than buying closer to the University of Texas. However, if you’re going after the consistent rent from the University of Texas students, the closer to the campus the better.

Closest Neighborhoods to The University of Texas

Here is a list of the closest neighborhoods with duplexes, as well as the current duplexes for sale within a 2 mile radius of the University of Texas.

Duplexes Near UT – Average Price and Size

The duplexes you find in these neighborhoods can be a diverse group. Duplexes can range from 1 bedroom/1 bath in up to 4 bedrooms/2 baths. The prices can range from $220,000 to $800,000 and total rents received from $1400 to $6,400 per month. On average, the duplexes within a 2 mile radius of the University of Texas has the following profile:

  • 2 bedrooms per unit
  • 1 bedroom per unit
  • 1,931 Square Feet
  • $351,629
  • $186.87 per square foot
  • $1150 average rent per unit

Looking for a Duplex Near The University of Texas?

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